Lyric lines adjusted incorrectly when opening MS4 anew after upgrading to 4.1 (macOS Ventura 13.4.1)

• Jul 22, 2023 - 22:18

When opening previously-created scores (made only in MS4, not originally created in MS3 and subsequently saved anew with MS4), the lyrics will shift to the left, making them illegible. I made this score in April, and the PDF has the lyrics correctly placed (or at least not obscured… say what you want about my formatting otherwise!). See the first photo. But in the score after opening it in MS 4.1, the lyrics get jumbled around — but not every time. That is, if I have five sets of lyrics for each part of the score, then maybe only one of them is messed up.


OK, I'll backtrack — I'm pretty sure that I first created this score in MS3 then saved it after opening it in MS4. (the screenshot above is from a score which I corrected before thinking to share a file; this is an entirely different score).

Anyway, same problem. I can admit that the alignment of text is all over the place, but putting something in the margin like that is something that I don't do, except by accident in one place. In other words, it's not isolated to one score file.

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As you mentioned, the lyrics and other text elements are all over the place. There is a lot of manual adjustments in your score. I would recommend to reset them to default positions by selecting all lyrics (right click / select similar) and pressing Ctrl-R (reset).

You will notice that some lyrics under the first note of the each system may flow way before the left margin of the page. This seems to be by design because they are centered and, as the text line is quite long, it goes off the left margin. The would look ok If they would be left aligned.

By default all lyrics not entered as non-ending syllable are center under/over the note they are attached to. Lyrics preceded with a verse number or continuing syllables are left aligned.

I would recommend to keep the manual adjustment to a bare minimum and to change the alignment for all lyrics attached to a reciting note (breves in your score) to left aligned via inspector or even better precede them with the verse number as you did for some (otherwise it will be impossible for any singer to continue singing verse 18 of 29 between bar 24 and 25).

You may also consider changing all lyrics to be left aligned, and keep it that way if acceptable or once your score is ready change the alignment for some to centered.

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The problem is that this behavior didn’t occur before and now it does.

The manual adjustments are required — I’m not perfect about them, and sometimes I don’t actually “align” them, but regardless, I’m just not going to be able to keep the manual adjustments to a minimum. It looks like crap.

There are two ways to add psalm verses to Gregorian accompaniment. Every. Single. Note. (Nova Organa Harmoni) or like this (Giulio Bas and probably others.) The second half of the verse doesn’t get a number; it would be even more confusing.

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