¿Add (and then remove) a part to a score template?

• Jul 22, 2023 - 01:20

Need to create a Brass Band arrangement (118 bars) that includes a vocal soloist for the first third of the piece. ¿Is there a way to use the Brass Band template and add — and remove — a solo staff as the top line in the score?



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I use MuseScore only two or three times a year, mostly just for a handful of leadsheets at a time.

This is my first time creating a score, and I was unable to find the — "Add it, ..." — method on the Brass Band score template that I had opened

I see the, "Hide empty staves within systems," but I haven't yet found the way to add a Vocal staff above the Sop Cornet staff on the Brass Band template at ►Format > Style > Score

I'll create my own score, if necessary, but it would be nice if I could add a staff to the template once it's open.


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