Trying to add triplets to linked staves crashes the program instantly

• Jul 20, 2023 - 20:23

I've tried using the dropdown menu or the keybinds and neither worked, it crashes the program the moment I try to add triplets to a linked staff.

It seems to work if I add it to the TAB staff, but not the non-tablature staff???

For this reason I also can't copy and paste it, and if I try to save it it says the score has become corrupt.
It says "Incomplete measure: Full score, measure 1, staff 6. Found: 12/8. Expected 4/4."

The time signature on the score itself is only 4/4, but because the triplets are there, it thinks I'm trying to squeeze 12/8 into 4/4.

I'm not willing to compromise the integrity of the score itself for the sake of getting it on the page, the song isn't in 12/8, it's in 4/4.


A couple of questions:
1. Which version of MuseScore do you use?
2. Does this happen with all of your scores or just this one?
3. If you've uploaded your score to the cloud you can put the link to the song in the description like this

You hit enter before putting the link in and you do it after.

Otherwise, it will look like this

This way you won't mess up your score.

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  1. Musescore 4.1
  2. Any score with linked staves and triplets has this problem
  3. I cannot upload any example score to the cloud because it just says the file is corrupt, I can only save it locally.

I tested it just now with a new score file. I created a blank treble clef score, added two linked staves, deleted the original staff, and pressed ctrl + 3 on a note. It crashed instantly.

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