With the new version, the visual notation of the notes has been changed

• Jul 17, 2023 - 22:05


A solution already may have been created for this, but is it possible to somehow open the score so that the newly released version does not apply a new visual to the score?
For example, the triangle notation is flipped in other direction, which can be corrected manually, but it is not a solution.
Is it possible somewhere to get a previous version before these updates?

Thank you!


Here's another visual problem I notice in the new version (had to compile from source because the appimage crashes when opening the open file dialog...

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We can't tell much from a picture, but if you attach the score, we can understand and assist better.

Also, though, the AppImage certainly shouldn't be crashing on open - are you sure there isn't an issue with folder you are defaulting to, or something else going on? Which distribution?

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To attach a score, simply click the "Choose a file" button in the "File attachments" area below where you type your comment, then browse to whatever folder your score is saved to.

If you mean, you believe that the copyright owner would have an issue with having it posted to a support forum, that is extremely unlikely - I can't recall a single case of that happening, ever. But, if you have reason to believe this is an exception, just load the score into MuseScore 3, delete all but a single problematic measure, and save and attach that.

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