Reducing/adjusting spacing before first note in each system

• Jul 17, 2023 - 13:18

At present, there always seems to be some extra spacing before the first note of each system, even after changing the Style to set all of the following to zero as an extreme example:
Measure - Padding:
* Clef to note
* Barline to note
* Clef/key signature to first note
* Time signature to first note
Measure - system header
* Clef/key signature to first note
* Time signature to first note
This extra spacing makes the first measure look inconsistent with the spacing in the second and subsequent measures of each system. In a future version, would you consider allowing this spacing to be controlled or allow it to be consistent with the subsequent measures? (Or if it is possible already, please let me know how.)

I initially posted in the Support and bug reports forum with screenshots, and a sample score, and was told to cross post here.

With the help of DanielR I found a very manual workaround that is possible starting in v4.1. Select the first note of the system, then: Properties > Appearance > Leading space > decrease, and repeat for each system. Then the spacing can be made consistent with the subsequent measures. However if other changes to the score cause those measures to become subsequent ones, there is too little space and the first note might appear inside the previous measure. This is also a time-consuming workaround for large scores.


Edited to clarify the Style settings I've already tried


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