Marching Bass Drums

• Jul 15, 2023 - 18:20
  1. This is a minor one but visually and for playback sake it would be helpful.

There is a note head for unison bass drum section playing. There needs to be an X head notation available as well. There are individual ones for rim clicks for example. There isn't for unisons.

  1. Number of bass drums. While most drum lines use up to 5 basses, some do use more. Currently there is no way to notate more than 5.

  2. There is no letter assigned to the top bass drum. You have to manually select that note. Having a letter assigned would greatly speed up the notation/writing process.

  3. Is there any way to have the ability to just drag the "pitches" vs having to hit specific notes.

  4. No buzz roll sound for basses.


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