MU 4.1 HELP ! (text expression)

• Jul 12, 2023 - 17:58

With version 3 in the past I managed to manage the different "expressions" of the classical guitar both on the score and in playback using "text expression'.
(it's the same need you have when writing for strings and want to alternate for example pizzicato and tremolo).
So I could alternate the on-the-fly tap (called "normale" in the image) with the Apoyado tap; each had its own associated soundfont that I made.

I see with extreme satisfaction all the wonders of version 4-1. Therefore I ask: how can I reproduce what I did with 3.6.2 even with this marvelous new release??? It seems that the new "expression" is not yet configurable as with the previous versions.

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Indeed, the way to change sounds is no longer using expression text. Instead use an instrument change text, select a different instrument (another guitar will do), and then select the new sound for that channel directly in the Mixer.

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