Changing key signature in the middle of a bar

• Jul 12, 2023 - 16:57

Can we change a key signature right in the middle of a bar or is it like Musescore 4 only allows to do that right after the bar line?


Only as a local key signature - add it by CTRL+Clicking.

It would be difficult to determine what should happen if you added a global key signature to one staff at a point mid-bar where an instrument on other staff was holding a note - like this


I don't know the specific context in which you're asking this question, but would it really be that much of an imposition to just use accidentals until the end of the measure?

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So add local key signatures to all staffs.

If global key changes were allowed mid-bar Musescore would have to handle the undefined case where you might try to change key on one or more staves mid-note. Rather than applying a change that might or might not be what is wanted (change before the note? change after the note? split the note and add a tie with the key change in between? That last one would be ugly) Musescore sensibly disallows a mid-bar global key change but it does allow mid-bar local (i.e. only applying to one staff) key signature changes. And that is what you will need to do, allowing you to decide what to do if and when the key change occurs mid note.

In Musescore 3.6.2 a mid-measure key change is automatically added as a local key signature. in MU4 the behaviour is different, an attempt to add a global key signature mid-bar results in a global key signature at the start of the bar. However, a local key signature is accepted at the point it is added. As mid-bar key changes are quite rare, the MU4 behaviour seems reasonable as in most cases when a key signature is added mid-bar the user probably wants a global key change at the start of the bar anyway and has added it mid-bar by mistake.

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No, apply the new key to the entire following measure, not just one note. Then it will be changed from the measure on for the whole score.
For the remaining half of the current measure, the accidentals must be adjusted by hand for each instrument.

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