MuseScore 4.1: score somehow not properly saved to cloud, error message "This score is invalid" when trying to open

• Jul 12, 2023 - 15:23

I just tried out the new version of MuseScore in a newly made score. I mainly experimented with some of the different settings of dynamics for piano solo; 3 bars, nothing too complicated. After I was done, I uploaded the file to the cloud and closed MuseScore alongside the score. Now, when trying to open the score (through the "New & Recent" tab), a pop-up message appears on top of a blank score page (see screenshot) that says "Your score could not be opened/This score is invalid."

The name of the score (just in case) is: "test 4.1"

Since the score neither shows up in the new "My online scores" tab nor in my online score manager, I'm concluding that it hasn't been saved properly. I can still see the 'mini overview' of the first page of the score that you always see on the landing page of each score you have, though.

The score itself is not so important to me, I just thought I would report the issue. Please tell me if this is the wrong place to share. Any answers appreciated!

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We save things into the MuseScore4/Scores directory and something is messed up -- you save something into that directory, and it doesn't show up. I thought it was a OneDrive sync problem, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. When I save the score into the Downloads directory, it was okay. Very strange. Didn't happen until it was upgraded to 4.1

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