Ambitus before key.

• Jul 10, 2023 - 01:02

How do I place the ambitus before the key in MuseScore? Dragging it will not work, and manually changing its position seems to be impossible in MuseScore 4 (of course it's possible, I'm just ignorant, but that's kind of a funky thing to do anyway).

For example, see

I am aware that the ambitus has no meaning without the key, and that it might make more sense to some to have it placed after the latter. I'm not opening a notation debate, I'm just asking for a way to do what is shown in the provided link. (On advantage of this notation is that it looks less cumbersome, given that the key and time signatures are usually placed after the key as well, but that's just a side note, and a personal opinion.)

God bless.

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It can be done, but it's a painfully slow process:
1. For the clef, change the Leading space to about 3.5 or 4 to make room for the ambitus
2. For each ambitus, disable Auto-place
3. For each ambitus, reduce the horizontal offset to -4 (negative, to move the ambitus to the left)
4. For the key signature, increase the offset to about 2
5. For the time signature, increase the-offset to about 5 or 6 (depends on the width of the key signature)
This technique seems to survive a Save, Close and re-Open of the score.

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