Installing Muse Sounds

• Jul 7, 2023 - 10:48

Hi im an IT manager at a school in Stockport i have been asked to deploy Muse Sounds. Does anybody know if there is a better way of doing this centrally rather than using the Muse Hub app ?

Many thanks



You don't need MuseHub to use musesounds.
On lInux:
To use musesounds, you need the library:
~/.local/share/MuseSampler/lib/ (on my system)

-Musesounds intruments

Location of instruments is configured in:
In this hidden file, put the location of the musesound instruments , default :

(I can only speak for Linux, but probably similar for Windows.)

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An extremely helpful post: thank you for it! I'm trying out the new .deb installer for Musescore (Beta), but it is detecting an existing - well, AppImage - install. Not going to pollute this thread with questions about that, just this: how does one manually download instruments (for updates)?

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To the best of my knowledge, an AppImage is a "container" (file) containing everything needed to run on it's own, without outside dependencies. We just mark the AppImage as executable (e.g. "chmod 755 file.appImage" on Linux) and start it with a mouse click or typing "file.appImage" in a shell / terminal.

Thus, the (Linux) system would never know or detect an AppImage as "already installed".

We can easily keep a folder full of several MuseScore AppImage versions side by side and start any one of them at will - from a technical / system perspective.

To summarize:
Installing a *.deb the system should never know or complain when a *.appImage is already available on a (Linux) system!

Maybe some irritating "convenience" settings like automatic menu entries, symbolic links or a mess of configuration file(s) - e.g. in the ~/.config folder tree - is the source of confusion in your installation.

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Thank you for your reply, EsDur. I was actually able to Install from AppImage just today, which entered MS4 into the menus and so forth. I'm perfectly happy to keep downloading and installing AppImages and installing them as updates eventuate: trivial task. And I'll use the approach I mentioned to update my libraries as needed.
This is a marvellous program... I have enjoyed countless hours scoring for even orchestra in the delightful software.

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