• Oct 4, 2014 - 01:45

Nice job on note and accidental placement with the new version. I'm so grateful to have this great software, I almost hate to report problems--for someone else to fix.

Unfortunately, the attached file still shows a number of collisions. I'm sure most of these are known, but I don't see many bug reports on it. For me the first priority would be the slurs.

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Ah, I see the slurs is bug 9334. It appears that some of the collision-avoidance has been postponed beyond version 2 because it's hard. Correct?

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Yes, getting slurs to avoid collisions with interior notes is much more difficult than the sort of things we already implemented. Actually, I don't know that it's *much* more, but it's definitely a different type of collision avoidance.

Multiple articulations are probably possible, but who would decide which goes on top? Ultimately, we would need a full scale collision avoidance scheme that lets you specify how you'd like them handled - which markings "win", which direction to move the other markings etc. It's a whole other can of worms.

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