My Plug-in terminated MuseScoreV4 abnormally.

• Jul 6, 2023 - 06:43

I have created plug-ins for Japanese instruments such as shakuhachi, shinobue, shamisen, koto, and numerical notation, and have rewritten shakuhachi, shinobue, and numerical notation to be compatible with V4.
However, only the Koto plugin is causing MuseScore to close abnormally as soon as it is launched, and I have not been able to determine the cause.
"Plugins for 4.x" is referenced and Qt.quit() is removed.

Is there any way to debug the plugin in V4?
Is there any way to see the console.log output?

Please share your wisdom.

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I'm not sure if 'dialog' type plugins are supported in this form, I recommend either to use no type or to put all qml objects in one parent item. if that doesnt fix it i have no idea

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In MuseScoreV4.0.2, launching the Koto plugin always results in an abnormal exit on Intel iMac2020 and macOS 12.6.6 Montery.
I tried it on M2 Macbook Pro after hearing that it works on the Windows version and it works.
I assume this is a symptom with the Intel version of macOS.

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