Automatic remotion of all unnecessary silences between voice, for all the goodnesses!

• Jul 2, 2023 - 23:23

I'm probably not the only one that would think that staffs created with this modern marvel are unreadable. Idk, why most free software hide all the basic stuff and plug in a blunt of advanced things instead. What's even worse, I'm little new to ms and more than often, the program tends to force me to use voices, when I want to AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS BECAUSE THEY'RE BADLY IMPLEMENTED! Forced silences, same color for all voices, forced multiple voice implementation and no option to hide/unhide any voice. OK, I get it, how much do I have to pay for these EXTRA features?


Let's look at your points:
"forced silences"
Rests [silences] are always created in MuseScore to fill the voids between notes, and this is a good idea. Why? Because it ensures that the total duration of notes and rests always adds up to the correct duration for the measure/time signature. If you don't like seeing the rests, in Voice 1 you can hide the rests (but you can never delete Voice 1 rests). In Voice 2, 3, 4 you can actually delete rests - but it's better to hide such rests than to delete them.

"same color for all voices"
Not true! Each Voice (1, 2, 3, 4) has a different default colour. See the definitions in Edit > Preferences > Advanced > engraving/colors/voice1 (...2, 3, 4). You can define your own colours on that Preferences page.

"forced multiple voice implementation"
You are not forced to use multiple voices if the rhythm in both "voices" is the same: in that case you can create chords on a single stem in Voice 1. But as soon as the rhythms differ between two "voices", you really do have to use multiple voices.

"no option to hide/unhide any voice"
Not true! Try this workaround:
- right-click a note in the voice you want to hide
- choose Select > More... > Same stave + Same Voice > OK
- press V to make invisible
- repeat above steps for note-stem, flag, slur, tie in the hidden voice
But of course this workaround is very long-winded, so it is worth a formal feature request.

"OK, I get it, how much do I have to pay for these EXTRA features?"
Nothing, because the MuseScore music notation editor is free to download and free to use - and always will be free. You just have to gather support from other users to implement this new feature:
"option to hide/unhide any voice".
Interestingly does not even allow you to donate any money. They want your skills and your time instead!

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Your "workaround" for the "option to hide/unhide any voice" is, as you mention. "long-winded'.

It's better to use the selection filter to avoid those repeated Select > More steps.
The selection filter will, for instance, include ties and slurs together with the chosen voice one wishes to hide.

Others have triedgiven some specific pieces of advice, but I'd also advise you to take a step back and if you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and explain in more detail exactly what you are struggling with. It seems you are likely misunderstanding something pretty fundamental about how MuseScore works, perhaps even about how music notation works (multiple voices are not unique to MuseScore). Voices are only needed in MuseScore where they are needed in standard music notation - they are not forced upon you in any other context. If you are encountering a case where you are not understanding the need for multiple voices or how to enter the music into MuseScore, please attach an image of what you are trying to achieve. Then we can understand and assist better.

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