Exporting individual measures as .png for educational videos

• Jun 30, 2023 - 17:58


I'm looking for some suggestions to improve this workflow.

I have been using MuseScore to make educational videos. I create a whole piece and then export it as a .png in horizontal continuous view with a transparent background to overlay over a video myself playing.

Then I animate it in a video editor so the individual measure I'm playing appears on screen over the video. However, this is a painstaking process to get the measures to line up properly.

I considered downgrading to musescore 3 for access to the image capture tool. That would allow me to quickly save each measure with the same sizing, but the image capture box doesn't stay fixed vertically so I still have to manually fine tune the measures' position in the video editor. I also considered creating a custom size page for a single measure and exporting each measure individually but it seems equally time-consuming.

Is anyone doing something similar or can you think of a better workaround for this?


Creating the custom page size takes a couple of extra minutes up front but then saves you a ton of time down the road. Definitely the way to go if you're doing more than a handful of these and need them to be consistent.

There are also third-party screenshot tools like ShareX or Greenshot that can do a better job of controlling the position and behavior of the capture.

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