How to set default file location

• Jun 24, 2023 - 18:54

Is there a way to make a default location so that FILE --> OPEN always looks to the same directory


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Thanks for reply.
I don't think that solves the problem -- for someone with lots and lots of files and lots of different projects, it just adds another directory layer, adds another set of scrolling clicks. I think this is an easy-to-implement feature. No?

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The program saves to, and opens from, the last place a file was saved. I think most programs work this way.

I'm not clear on what you are wanting to happen. You said that you want OPEN to point to the same directory. What do you mean by "directory"? Master folder? Collection of Folders? You can subdivide the scores folder. "Directory", to me, already says something you have to scroll through.

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My situation, which I think might be the same for a lot of users, is that I have a directory with a couple thousand musescore files in it. Lets call that the CORE directory.

Each week I work on several different projects, each with their own directory, subdirectories, files, etc. When I work on a project I am constantly going back and forth to the CORE directory to get stuff -- opening files there, closing files, etc.

What would be very helpful is to be able to specify my CORE directory as the Musescore default whenever I open the program and look to pull up a file. The other programs I use all have this feature.

Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice.

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At present I think that MuseScore defaults to the "last used folder" in response to File > Open. That seems to be how MS3 and MS4 work.

But I agree that if you have set a folder location in Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scores it would be good to have an option checkbox to default to that location instead:

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