How do I change the font size in the V4 plugin?

• Jun 23, 2023 - 10:26

The fontSizeTag used in V3 as shown below (png) does not work in V4.
The fontFaceTag works fine.
Plugins are Shakuhachi, Shinobue, Shamisen, Koto and Jianpu.

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Should work though, here's how it looks in a Mu4 mscx:

<text><font size="22"></font>Title</text>

You're using

<text><font size="22"/>Title</text>

that seems to no longer work?

A full example though (setting font size and font face) looks like this:

          <offset x="0" y="-0.0367454"/>
          <text><font face="Elephant"/>Title</text>

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Thank you, I am very interested in this.

I fixed it, but still only the font size does not work.
I am using this method.

var text = newElement(Element.STAFF_TEXT);

text.placement = Placement.BELOW
text.autoplace = false;

text.text = sep + text.text;
text.text=noteNameF[(notes[i].pitch % 12)] +text.text ;

text.offsetX= xPos;
text.offsetY = yPos;
text.color= fontColor;

var fontSizeTag="<font size=\""+fontSize+"\"></font>"; // does't work
var fontFaceTag="<font face=\""+fontNameSel+"\"/>"; // work

text.text= fontSizeTag + fontFaceTag + text.text;

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