How do I add sustain to a note, during playback?

• Jun 20, 2023 - 14:43

During playback, how do I add sustain to individual notes? Can I control the length of sustain? In the brief score I have created, it sounds very staccato.


It's not clear what you mean, but normally you simply choose the duration of a note before entering it. If you want a note to sustain one beat, make it a quarter note; two beats, a whole note, etc. If that doesn't answer your question please attach your score and explain in more detail what you are having trouble with.

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That article resulted in the development of a plugout for guitar sustain but this has recently been developed further and made into a plugin. It works with single voice and multiple voice scores but the sustain is actually independent of voice, so single voice scores sound the same as multivoice scores after plugin processing, (the only difference will be in the note stems and beams because these are linked to voices). The plugin is a collaborative effort and the coding is complete. Final testing and documentation are in progress.

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