How do I notate non-tonal notes

• Jun 19, 2023 - 05:46

Sometimes on a plucked stringed instrument you need to dampen the string so that a non-tonal, percussive effect is achieved. How is that provided for? I think the most standard notation is an 'x' notehead, but I may be wrong about that!

How can that be indicated on a tablature staff?


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Shift+X does work as desired in v3, so thanks for that!

I believe parenthesis around a number in tablature notation means something else, not an atonal sound. I have noticed that in v4, if a note is tied across a barline, the tied note is shown in parenthesis (which makes sense, as the note is there, but it's not to be articulated).

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No, the parens mean a dead sound / ghost note, just like X does. The parent notation is potentially preferred because it allows you to be specific about the fret which the X doesn't, and that can affect the sound. But if you prefer the "X", in MU4 just use the Properties panel.

Parens are also used for ties, that's true.

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