Change the playback sound of the staves

• Jun 9, 2023 - 05:13

Hi, Gang!!!
Using Musescore 4.0.2 inside my computers with Ubuntu Studio 22.04.2 LTS (64 bit Linux), I think I found a way to get the sound we want from some staff in our score.
After you write your score, you have to go to the name area of the staff you want an specific sound, different from the indicated, and click on "Staff Properties"
Then, you have to go to the button "Change Instrument"
Then, you choose the instrument you want.
You have to look for the boxes: "Long Name" and "Short Name", because it will show the new instrument name. So, you will have to change both names to the original, whatever it was.
Let's say, if I have some staff with the names "Soprano" and "S", and I change the sound from "Voice Ooh" to, let's say, "Violin", I will get the new names "Violin" and "Vln". So, I will have to change those names to the original "Soprano" and "S".
When you get it, you have to click on the button "Apply", THIS IS MANDATORY TO PRESERVE THE CHANGES.
The only one "bug" using this way, is about the written pitch of the instruments (the changes could show notes one octave low or high than the expected).
To fix this, you can use the "Concert Pitch" button. This button should back all to the original pitch of the staves.
Now, another important thing is about the SoundFont file you are using.
MuseScore 4 can use whatever you have ON your hard disk drive.
But... You have to select it manually in the "Mixer" panel, on the boxes of the first row of each channel, called "Sounds"
In those boxes, you will see a white triangle pointing to the lower side of the boxes.
When you click on this triangle, you will see all the SoundFont files you have on your hard disk drives (in the default MuseScore SoundFonts folder).
So, you can choose your favorite sounds, because you can choose different SoundFont files to each of your channels.
So, you can use, let's say, one soundfont for the violins, another soundfont for the woodwinds, etc., etc.
I don't know if this is exactly the same to MS-Windows and Mac, because I don't use those systems. But, I guess it is similar.
Ok, ok, ok.
I know it is not the official "academic" way, but... It works!!!
Bleesings and Greetings from Chile!!!


This works indeed, but it's definitely more work than necessary. Much simpler is to use Muse Sounds to select a playback sound. or, if you have a particular soundfont you like, select that. Or to select a specific sound within the default MS Basic, use this version that has the sounds split into separate files -…

BTW, in staff.part properties, Apply is not needed unless to use the arrow buttons to move from staff to staff. But hitting OK automatically does an apply of the current settings - not just in this dialog, but in all dialogs, all programs on all systems (OK is always defined as apply & close).

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