How to convert 100+ MS3 scores to MS4?

• Jun 8, 2023 - 23:33

I have 100+ lead sheets and chord charts that I would like to convert to MS4. I've been using MS off and on for nearly 9 years, so I'm not even sure what versions they were written in. I've attempted to open a few and clean them up, but the process is incredibly laborious. I found where to set the style used for import and set it to MuseJazz.mss, but it doesn't seem to overwrite any custom fonts that I might've used in the past and most text styles are set to "Edwin". The only way I could figure out how to change them to MuseJazz Text was to change each of the text styles manually. Honestly, it would be faster for me to just recreate the charts from scratch.

Ideally I would like to be able to set a default style (MuseJazz/MuseJazz Text) that applies to everything from Score to Text Styles, then completely reset whatever formatting exists in the scores being imported, and set them to the default style.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I am only using MuS 3.6.2.
If I export there a score as mscx I can open it in a text editor and there are all used text fonts defined. I can replace them simply in the editor. In MuS 4 this probably does not work because the text styles are stored in a separate file. They are defined in the file 'score_style.mss' witch is part of the zipped mscz.

I would try the following:

  • In MuS 4, change one of your files with lots of own text format settings to the desired font and save it.
  • Then open the *.mscz with a zip tool and extract the 'score_style.mss'
  • Open an other mscz files and replace there the already existing 'score_style.mss' with the one extracted above.
  • If this works as intendet repeat the procedure with other files.

You can also open 'score_style.mss' with a text editor and check if all the font styles now have the new font name. There are many different text style settings even for text elements you have not used before.

Please do all this with a copy of your original files, as I cannot test my suggestion.

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