Editing causes all notes following not to sound

• Jun 8, 2023 - 20:00

I'll be editing already written music and at some point all the notes following that edit point stop sounding on playback (both hands of a piano piece don't sound, even though I'm only editing one hand). Unfortunately, I can't figure out exactly what type of edit is doing it if, indeed, it's a particular editing action. I'm attaching the diagnostic zip file.

The workaround may give some clues: that is to select the quieted notes and either 1) change
Properties->Playback->Notes->Velocity or 2) use the up arrow to transpose the notes up a half step and then Ctrl-Z (hitting the down arrow can change the accidentals).

Also, the quieted notes still sound when they're clicked, but that doesn't resolve the issue.

Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651553, revision: dbe7c6d

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Same issue here almost every time I make edits. Replay omits notes in the measure where I edited.
Solution (as noted above): close and re-open the score and everything resolves.

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