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• Jun 8, 2023 - 14:36

I want to write out sets of tunes for traditional Scottish dancing, where there are three or four tunes in a set. In the simple programme I was using (which is old and getting a bit unstable, hence my starting with Musescore) I could easily drag staves up and down the page so I could have the four staves of each tune close together and a larger space between each tune. I'm getting very frustrated that I can't find a way to do that in Musescore.


Insert a vertical frame between tunes.


You could even add a title in each frame.

Dragging does not work on staves in MuseScore. Indeed, although dragging things does work with some items it is rarely the best way to adjust positions. Most things (other than staves) move in response to the arrow keys which provide much finer control. The positions are reflected in the offsets reported in the element's appearance properties. See

I think I've cracked it! This is what I did. highlight the first bar of the stave; drag the “fixed spacer down” icon to the bar; click again so the spacer turns grey; click until the handle appears; drag the stave to where you want it.

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You can also use Mr. Inspector to give the spacer a value of your choosing so that spacers on subsequent systems will have a uniform spacing. Select all the spacers and click Inspector and then change the value. It would be nice though if you could simply click something like "Repeat for all spacers" to have it done automatically but there you are.

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