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• Jun 7, 2023 - 19:49

I have a Big Band arrangement and would like to move the last page staff up in only the piano part. When I use a vertical frame while in the piano part tab, MS applies this frame to ALL parts. Also, how can I put the measure numbers below the bass staff without having to put in both staffs and then make the treble staff measure numbers invisible? Lastly, is there a way to isolate the first page footer (eg. copyright, etc) and have all remaining pages as footer page numbers only? (pdf of piano part attached).

Thanks all, love that this program is available. It drives me both sane and insane at times.

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Don't use a frame, simply adjust the "minimum system distance" in Format / Style / Page.

To place measure numbers on the bass staff, the method you describe is currently the way.

Copyright on first page only is the default already, but if you changed it for whatever reason, just go back to Format / Style / Header, Footer and set it back to the default of $C.

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thanks for the prompt response. When I use minimum system distance it affects more that the last page. I just want to make space at the bottom of the last page. I appreciate this is not how professionals do it, but this is how I would like to do it.

I may be using 'copyright' wrong. I am using the Footer feature because I want several lines.

© 1957
This arrangement © 2023
Hurricanes Productions

How do I do the 'copyright' feature so a multi-line 'footer' appears on the first page only? thanks again.

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Sorry, I meant max system distance. Assuming things are set up correctly, it won’t affect any but the underfull pages like the last one. Although it’s much better for the people reading your score - whether professional or not - if you add system and page breaks to balance the pages better so no page is underfull like this.

To have a multi-line copyright, type it somewhere that multiple lines worked then copy & paste into the actual copyright box in File / Project properties.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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Re: copyright. I made a centered 3-line text in Word and copied it into the copyright cell using File / Score Properties (see png) but it shows as a single line, yet, did not show up in page 1 as the copyright footer (MS file attached). PS. I can only use MS v.3 because my ancient MacBook Air won't support the OS needed to use MS v. 4. and can't afford a new laptop.

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