June 6, 2023 update

• Jun 7, 2023 - 17:09

I installed the update when was prompted upon launching MuseScore 4.0. Now, any changes I make to a score are not saved. Through trial and error, I discovered I could save changes if I do "save a copy" to another drive. Very frustrating and time-consuming.


What update do you mean? There has been no MuseScore update in a few months. Maybe you had an OS update and there is a bug there

But anyhow, note that MuseScore does not save your score until you tell it to. If you press Ctrl+S or use File Save, then any pending changes are saved. There is an "autosave" file intended for disaster recovery only, but it;s normally hidden as under normal circumstances you'd never use it.

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When I opened Muse Hub yesterday there was an update message on the hub's screen so I clicked the link. I have been using MuseScore for over a year and have created many files. I know how to save. The "Save As" function does not work at all. This all happened after I installed the update yesterday.

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I guess maybe you are on Windows? No Muse Hub update for me on Linux. But as mentioned, that would never affect MuseScore itself - must be coincidence if the problem started around the same time. When you "save as" does not function at all, do you mean, no dialog appears? That would be most unusual but could indicate the dialog is offscreen try View / Restore the default layout and if that doesn't fix it, Help / Revert to factory settings. But also - what about just plain normal save - if you make changes to a score so the asterisk appears, does it go away upon pressing Ctrl+S? If not, that could something wrong at the device driver level. Were there also any updates to the OS around then?

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