Random invisible note problem - MuseScore 3.5

• Jun 7, 2023 - 15:34

A bizarre thing has happened: I have scored a tune which in which a top A occurs twice. Both of them are greyed out as invisible (and consequently fail to appear in print) even though when either is selected and clearly checked as 'Visible' in the Inspector it reverts to greyed-out (invisible) as soon as it's left alone. (See attachment). All other notes behave themselves properly, and this issue doesn't arise with any other MS3 file. Clearly some odd rule about top As has been applied but I don't know how to track it down, and can't find anything in the manual to help. Any tips?

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THose notes are invisible; they are simply being marked as possibly too high for amateurs to play. You can set those ranges in staff/part properties, or turn the warnings off entirely in Edit / Preferences / Note input.

But, this should affect on screen display only - are you sure it isn't appearing in the print? May be in your experimenting, you accidentally did mark it invisible. Try again.

Also, if you are truly using 3.5, definitely update to 3.6.2 which fixes hundreds of bugs. I think you might actually be using 3.6.0, though? In which case, absolutely updated ASAP as 3.6.0 had some extremely critical bugs that can corrupt your score. But also, for vastly improved engraving and playback, try MuseScore 4. I just loaded your score there and it looks much more professional - the spacing, the beaming, etc. You can have both versions installed.

No, this notes should not be invisible in the printout. And in my generated PDF they are as black as all others :-).
The color only marks that the typical pitch limit for an amateur player on this instrument has been reached.

As you stated you are using MuS 3.5, maybe it is an issue there. The latest MuS 3 version is 3.6.2. I recommend to upgrade at least to this version.

You can either modify in staff/part properties the usable pitch range or you uncheck "Color notes outside the usable pitch range" in preferences / note input.

Almost the same post from Marc :-).
But for MuS 4 there are some conditions to use it: newer OS version, powerful computer.

That score has been last saved with 3.6.0, but does have a pre 3.6 history, as File > Score properties reveals

As Marc said: update to 3.6.2 ASAP

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