Musecore 4

• Jun 7, 2023 - 03:27

Tried fixing a couple things to my score, copy and pasting it like normal. It then deleted right after I copied and then deleted it! I was so worried that it wouldn't appear back and my fears came true. I literally cannot find the darn autosave files for the life of me. I've looked everywhere, turning on hidden files and everything. Someone help before 3 months of work is lost- Whenever I even look where the autosaved files are supposed to be, they're completely empty folders. Same with the msc.backup folder.


"Someone help before 3 months of work is lost"

Have you tried all the recommended ways to find a backup file? Have you searched your entire hard disk for files with the .mscz suffix? Did you perhaps save the score by publishing it online on (not on your local computer)?

For the future, I strongly recommend that you always store important scores in two different places. I do this by explicitly saving the working copy on my laptop every 10-15 minutes. Then at the end of the session, I also publish the score to as a Private score.

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