Upgrading from Musescore to Musescore Pro.

• Jun 7, 2023 - 02:52

I'm interested in upgrading from Musescore 3.6.2 (fee) to Musescore Pro to take advantage of further options.

If I do this, will the music already in Musecore 3 be compatible with Musescore Pro? Will I still be able to play, print and edit exiting scores? Or will I have to transcribe them all over again?

I'd welcome the advice, as until find an answer I am holding off subscribing.


The MuseScore desktop scorewriting software has no "Pro" version. Your MuseScore 3 (version 3.6.2) is full featured.
However, a major release - MuseScore 4 - was announced back in December:

The latest release of MuseScore 4 (version 4.0.2) can be found here:
As with MuseScore 3, MuseScore 4 is free and requires no "Pro" account to unlock additional features.

"Pro" refers to a 'subscription'.
A Pro subscription is not relevant here at musescore.org.
A Pro subscription is needed at musescore.com if you wish to download scores that have copyright protection.

For more details, see:

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