How can one add Tremolos to always populate on a certain note when editing a drumset?

• Jun 4, 2023 - 07:33

I transcribe pieces written for the Dominican Güira, a metal, idiophonic percussion instrument similar to the Güiro. A very common implement on this instrument is a scrape technique. When looking through old transcriptions for this instrument, a mark of a 32nd Tremolo through the stem of a note is traditionally used to indicate that the specified note shall be scraped. See the attached transcription for reference.

At the moment I copy and paste this Tremolo onto every scraped note that I need. Is there a way to make this somehow part of the note in "Edit Drumset"? So that, when I press the "D" key, not only does a note with the "Long Güiro" midi sound populate, but it has the Tremolo symbol on the stem also?

If not, any recommendation on how I may streamline this process? I know this isn't super common in most unpitched percussion notation. Thanks to anyone for any recommendation!

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