How to retrieve a previous version of a score

• Jun 3, 2023 - 13:27


I was doing a three-harp score and wanted to change the loud "piano" staff (or maybe it's called a system) to "harp." Somehow I ended up deleting the staff/system. I don't recall saving the new messed up document, but somehow I could not retrieve the good one. (It took hours to make, yikes!).

Anyone know how I can get the 3-harp version back? I use a Mac laptop and Musescore 3.6.2. THANKS!!! 😊


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The folder name is without the comma at the end. So ".mscbackup." will never match.
At least on Windows I am successful when searching for ".Name.mscz,", with dot and comma.
But how to see and find hidden files and folders depends on your operating system settings. Try again only with a part of the file name e.g. "Carol of the Bells" or simply "Carol".
But I don't know how all this works on Mac OS. I found in the web:
Use the finder, go to the folder where your work should be and press [cmd] + [shift] + [.] to show hidden files.

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