Cautionary key/time signature before repeat barline if start repeat is in different key/time

• Oct 2, 2014 - 09:32
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I've seen in some scores a courtesy key/time signature before a repeat, if the song is in a different key/time after the jump. These signature are sometimes in parentheses because they doesn't even apply to the following measure, which could have yet another key/time change, resulting in a potential measure or system ending with a key signature in parentheses, a time signature in parentheses, an end-repeat barline, another key signature, and another time signature.

It's a rather obscure feature, and I know jumps are complex, so it's only a feature request. I'm not even sure how or whether it would be notated for segno or coda systems. However, unlike feature requests for automation/alignment, currently there is no way to even include this notation if you wanted it.

While automatic generation is possible, it would take a lot of work, and not everyone would want it. Perhaps we could make dropping a key/time signature onto a repeat barline a permitted operation to create this notation?


Your image shows a C-Major keysig change in measure 8, the start repeat being in measure 3

If you thing there is an issue, please ipoen a new onw (but better start with a forum post) and attach a sample score, descibe what you see and what you expect.

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The issue is exactly as described here (and there: please go have a look)
When a repeat sends you to a different key, it should have a courtesy key before the end repeat barline. This is word for word the first sentence of this topic?

My image shows that before the repeat we're in C major and at the beginning of the repeat we're in A major.
What I expect is a courtesy key sig. of A before the end repeat barline.

In fact, what I expect is exactly the image in Example 2 in that implementation from the original poster of this thread:
(albeit in a different key, and in a perfect world with brackets).

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I'm not really sure it's a regression; I'm marking it as such because this was marked fixed but it doesn't work for me in 3.4.2. In the attached file, measure 82 should have a courtesy three-flats key signature right before the repeat sign, and it doesn't. I suspect the reason for the missing courtesy key signature might be that MuseScore doesn't know correctly where the repeat is repeating back to, but I'm not sure of this.

In any event, there should be full manual control over the presence of courtesy key signature before or after any bar line, and that would reduce the severity of the problem in cases where currently we might need to rely on an impractical or unimplemented level of intelligence on the part of the software.

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Open a new issue then rather than resurrecting one that is a) probably unrelated and b) closed since a more than year

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