Plugin for Violin Fingering: Will it work on MS4?

• Jun 2, 2023 - 14:00

The plugin for violin fingering is documented as tested on MS 3.1.

Is there an intention to upgrade it to MS4?


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Thanks. But now I am having trouble finding the Musescore Plugins folder. Nothing in Application Support. No folder with the name of an existing plugin.

Where can it be?

Aha. I have found a folder, 'qml', buried in the Musescore package. But this does not look promising.

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Got it! So, I've done that. Two questions.
- Where is the user guide for the Violin Fingering Plugin? (NOT just installation in general ...)

  • Why are not all the existing plugins in there?


PS. Oh dear, that is not what I was wanting. That looks like no violin fingering I have ever seen. No thank you very much.

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So I looked in the MU3 Handbook and as far as I can tell there is no documentation for any plugin of any sort.

Regarding this 'Violin Fingering' plugin, it seems to offer fingerings for 2-note chords on the violin. But most violinists just tend to work out for themselves the fingering. There are usually two or more possible fingerings, and the choice will depend on the tone quality required and the relationship of the chord to adjacent notes. I suggest deleting this plugin so that other people, like me, and you, do not waste their time with it.

It is incredibly hard to read and even gets itself jumbled up with the chord symbols. It even puts two fingers on the one string – hello, only the upper finger will sound 🤣

Is there a vetting process for proposed plugins?

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