Malwarebytes recommends that I don't add the blocked IP's to the allow list

• May 31, 2023 - 19:30

This the reply I received from Malwarebytes after I downloaded the Logs tool, and they analyzed the things that have been coming from Musehub.

"From the information I found reported on the developer's forum below, this program appears to use peer-to-peer connections for updates.

With regards to the blocks for Musehub, it is not Musehub itself that is being detected and blocked, but instead a communication attempt by Muse.Service.exe, to a blocked server. Sometimes peer-to-peer services may contact servers that have also hosted malware at some point and may trigger a block detection when being accessed.

For example, the IP has been reported for abuse:

You may want to reach out to them to let them know and ask them why they are using servers known to be involved in abuse.

I don't recommend adding the blocked IP's to the allow list, just disable the notification if it bothers you.

Open Malwarebytes
click on the cogwheel top right
Click on the Notifications tab
Slide the notification for "show all notifications in Windows notification area" button to OFF

Note: Critical notifications will still show."


This has been a known issue. Lots of discussion.

One way around this would be to delete the Hub then reinstall it once in a while to get up dates.

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