Separating voices into their own parts?

• May 31, 2023 - 02:38

I am arranging a piece for my barbershop quartet. As is typical for the style, I have two staves with two voices on each. I am trying to explode it out into 4 parts so I can make midi iso tracks for each singer, but I cannot get past having 2 parts with 2 staves in each, which still exports as a 2-part audio file. Is there anything I can do short of copying each line into a new workspace?

In musescore 3 I remember being able to specify which voice should be present in each part, but that functionality seems to be missing. Unless I just can't find it?

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In a situation like this (I'm using the 'SATB Closed Score' template as an example):
You'll need to create two copies of each part (you'll get one of each by default 'for free').
Then in each part you need to use the Instruments panel to show the staves, and the voices, you want. So, to create a part for the topmost voice, you need to make sure that the part shows the upper stave (SA in this case - I'm just using this expediency); if you expand the 'instrument' you'll see the staves it has (you can hide those individually, where there are more than one too, by toggling the eye).
If you open the cog next to it (to the right of 'Treble clef') you'll see you can specify which voices to show:
So you can just deselect all except voice 1:


This is kind of the reverse of MU3 where you choose what's going into the part before you make it; now you just have a new part and you can choose what you want to show in it.

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