Exporting audio volume issues

• May 30, 2023 - 19:02

When i am exporting audio from musescore (MP3, WAV) the volume is pretty wacky. When I want to have the volume up to somewhat normal level, the crackling (clipping) sound appears throughout the audio. When I turn down the volume down, where the crackling stops, it is already really quiet. What should i do?


Do you use Musescore 3 or 4?
What version do you use? 3.6.2 or 3.5.1?
Do you use Muse Sounds?
What instruments are used in the score? Solo piano? String quartet? Clarinet quintet? Piano trio?
Are you able to devise what technique (staccato, marcato, accent etc.) or event (two piano voices trying to play in perfect unison (0 semitones), tessitura violation, range violation) causes that or does that clipping occur in random places? Place the repeat sign or "Da Capo al Fine" at the and of your score. Does that cracking occur in the same places or do their locations change.

> *If I turn down the volume where the crackling stops, it is already very quiet.
You should avoid clipping. This means that you have exceeded the maximum volume range.

Normally the volume of an exported WAV or MP3 is set correctly so that the maximum volume is not exceeded. The disadvantage is rather: a piece that has the dynamic 'pp' everywhere will be exported just as loud as one that was specified with 'ff' everywhere.

> What should I do?
Since in my experience the dynamic range is automatically selected correctly, you can only increase the volume slider on the playback device. You can also use a compressor with an audio program (e.g. Audacity). However, this will reduce the difference between piano and forte passages, i.e. the dynamics will decrease.

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