Individual part duplicates the wrong part from the score

• May 30, 2023 - 16:55

Alto 3 is somehow the same as the Soprano Sax part. But the score has the correct alto 3 part.

I've been working on my own to fix this, but it seems to always come back.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I opened your file in MuS 3.6.2.
There I found the Alto Sax 3 part where Alto Sax 3 and Soprano Sax are named in the instrument dialog, but there is only one staff.
Of course it is possible to create a part that contains two or more instruments. But then I also see two or more separate staves there.
So this is a bit strange and could be the cause of your problem.

Try to reset at least this part. In 3.6.2 I would delete all parts and create them again.

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Musescore's mscz files can be opened by a zip tool e.g. 7zip. Inside you can find a mscx file which can be opened by older MuseScore versions. There comes up the message that the file was created with a newer version - just press ignore in this case.
There are some limitations. One of them: if the MuS 4 score uses 'repeat measure signs' it leads to uneditable blank measures in MuS 3.6.2

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I'm back to MuseScore 4, after copying and pasting each part from the score (which was exactly what I wanted the individual parts to look like). I'm going step by step, and trying to find where each of my problems surfaces. I've attached two MuseScore 4 files. The first one has the original names of the parts. The second one shows what happens to the first file when I try to change the name of one of the parts.

I have also made a YouTube video to show what I did, and what the result was.

If you open the "After" file, then display all the parts, you will see that, as in the video, the new part name is lost, and it introduces a new "Flute 1" part.

I believe this was the first step in creating the strange situation that you mentioned in your first reply.

Undoubtedly, I'm doing something wrong. I appreciate any help.

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> I believe this was the first step in creating the strange situation that you mentioned in your first reply.
No, you had a wrong instrument voice in your part. This should not happen and I have no idea why this happened.
But now the problem is different. Above you had notes from an other instrument in one part, now you have a problem with naming.

In 3.6.2 I can do different actions to get the desired part and instrument name:

  1. rename the instrument name in "Staff/Voice Properties". This leads to an individual name of part window and the new instrument name in the part. See the 3.6.2 attachment w/o parts.
    You do not have to change the long and short instrument names, but you can. This applies only to the visible text in the score.
  2. edit the instrument name in the head of the parts window itself. This is only for the parts printout and does not affect the tab name.
  3. specify an individual name when creating the part.

All this works in 3.6.2 and should work in MuS 4 too, only the 3rd point apparently not (yet) in MuS 4.
Maybe this is a bug in MuS 4 (which I can't use) and you're not doing anything wrong.
Don't get confused: I opened the window in the parts window to show everything in one picture.
The renaming in the "Staff/Part Properties" window should be done in the score itself and results in the new names in the tab and the part.

Again, this is how it is in 3.6.2 and should work quite similarly in version 4.

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Thanks so much for the detailed response.

Perhaps unfortunately, I'm using MuseScore 4. I'm thinking that my next step will be to just download your MuseScore 3 file (Thanks so much!) and try to complete my project from there.

Here is another YouTube video that shows what happens when I use your instructions in MuseScore 4.

To reiterate a point I made in the video, all I'm trying to do is put a different name on the part. Nothing more. It seems it doesn't stick in MuseScore 4, and, I believe it will eventually cause other problems with other edits I'm trying to do beyond just changing the name. I believe it gets confused as to which part is which.

I'll play around with your MuseScore 3 file and see if that allows me to do everything I want to do (in MuseScore 3). If so, I'm done. If not, I'll post additional follow-up questions here.

Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

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Thank you very much! You solved all my problems, the last one requiring your trick about how to convert MuseScore 4 to MuseScore 3. That last problem was what I needed to make a YouTube video from the MuseScore 3 score.

Also extremely valuable was your advice to use MuseScore 3.6.3 (and how to get it installed).

I didn't know if all my problems were solved until the two week problem with MuseScore 3 YouTube videos was solved, which just happened yesterday.

Again, thank you very much for your great help!

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