Using a keyboard to input music to my MuseScore compositions

• May 29, 2023 - 23:49

I have a P125 Yamaha keyboard and have routed it through Focusrite to record mp3's. Is there a way to use the keyboard as a writing tool on my Musescore compositions? That would save a great deal of time with imputing notes. I'll have to learn how but my question is can it be done? Thank you for your response.


See also this video from the official Musescore channel:
In Musescore 3 it works in similar fashion.
You'll have to designate the lowest notes of you piano as augmantation dot, rest, undo and demisemiquaver, semiquaver, quaver, half notes (as most frequently used).
There is another small issue: if I simultaneously open both Musescore 3 and Musescore 4, only one of them will be able to see my MIDI controller. When I have opened a Worlde PandaMINI software editor (there was a volume issue and the mapping of percussion pads was unsatisfactory) and then opened Musescore, the latter was incapable to see the device.
Summing up. Musescore cannot use MIDI devices which are already used by another app. If that Focusrite of yours will get in the way of recognition of your piano by Musescore (which I see as possible) you will have to consider plugging your P125 directly into your computer (by the means of USB port on the rear of P125 and USB port in your PC) and then opening Musescore application.

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