Odd Behaviour with Glissando Lines

• May 29, 2023 - 18:29

It took me a while to analyse what's actually happening here: I have created a score that, among other staves, contains an electric guitar TAB staff with a linked sub-octave treble clef staff. Every couple of bars there is a chord sliding into another chord two frets up via glissando lines. Enter the odd behaviour: Every time I make any (!) change to the score, be it an added or deleted note, or simply adding text or similar elements, one of the stacked glissando lines from a chord disappears and a stack of four diagonal glissando lines and four shorter, horizontal (glissando?) lines appears in a seemingly random position in the score, not linked with any note or rest. When I select one of the elements in the stack and delete it, the whole stack is erased.
I tried to reproduce this error in a fresh score but did not succeed.


This seems to resemble a problem I had in Musescore 3 that manifested whenever a score was in page mode. You would see an element like a clef, or an accidental, or a note, or a time signature that was out of place, and you couldn't delete it. The second you put it in continuous view the problem either disappears of shifts to a position to where you could delete it.

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