Am i using Jumps correctly?

• May 29, 2023 - 12:36

MacOS, Musescore 4.0.2

When reaching Dal Segno (D.S.) al Coda, goes back to Segno. Plays measures until Coda is reached.

But, only plays 1 measure each (not the implied repeats) before reaching Coda?

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Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues.mscz 23.23 KB


Get rid of the D.S. al Coda.
Since you are returning to the beginning use a D.C. (Da Capo - "to the head"). Click on the D.C. and make sure that 'Play repeats' is selected in the Properties panel. (Normally, on D.C. or D.S., repeats are not taken. You can add 'con rep.' text to the D.C. text, if desired.)
The Coda is unnecessary because Chorus 2 immediately follows, so it's not like you need a D.S. (or D.C.) al Coda and a 'To Coda' (which you neglected to add) jump to a Coda symbol (normally located elsewhere in the score).
See if this works for you:
Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues-2.mscz
I added repeat bars to Chorus 2 because it says to play 3x.
Also, it's best to focus on the score's "roadmap" after all the notes are entered. Playing back partially completed scores with markers and jumps that have nothing (yet) to connect with can lead to playback anomalies.

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