Sound Cutting out and not playing for full Value

• May 29, 2023 - 06:11

While working on my slow piece and having it playback, there has been multiple times where the sound just cuts out and it doesn't play for the full value. For example a whole note will just stop and it will not complete. Don't know why its doing that.


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Thank you.
Since I can't use MuS 4.x, I opened it in MuS 3.6.2 and there is no irregularity in sound playback.
Maybe it is a problem of MuS 4, so wait for someone else who can check it with MuS 4.
Maybe you can add where it is noticeable (instrument, measure number).

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Measures 68 and measures 19, are the most prominent. Before the first note changes to the second note. And if you export the audio to MP3, the cutting out is all over the piece, especially 30 seconds in. And if you put a whole note in those measures all of it cuts out. Hope this helps.

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Yes, that is not acceptable. I couldn't imagine your problem before - I thought the interruption was much shorter.

The factory reset only affects the settings in MuseScore. Of course, if you have made a lot of your own changes to the interface, palettes, color scheme, etc., then they will be restored to their original state. The score should not be changed by this, and you can and should close it beforehand, or restart MuseScore without a score.

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Even on my new system with an i7, playback is a little staticky. I solved it by going to Edit/Preferences/(I/O)/set buffer size to 4096. And/or leave the mixer open.

On a side note, consider panning your instruments to make a more realistic and full sound. I also changed the violins1 sound to violins 2. Because the violins 1 sound has some swelling problems. And other problems. Watch the range of the French horns.

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