Issue with Individual and Combined Parts

• May 29, 2023 - 03:43

Hello MuseScore team!

A few weeks ago I made a post about an inexplicable bug I had in which my parts started to corrupt and eventually stopped updating with the full score, resulting in an unusable and unstable project. At the time, I declined to send a score as it was one I intend to officially publish (and indeed the first draft was finished recently!), so I tried to figure out the steps to get to such a severe meltdown in communication. Here is what I found:

When parts are created and stay open, they function as intended. This works well if you only mess with parts after the entire score is completed. However, if a composer needs to make parts to send them out after one movement or make edits post-publishing, there is an option to close these parts. This is where it seems that MuseScore has an issue.

After opening a part and saving out with it still open, returning to the same score and closing the part will start to create inconsistencies. It would seem that there is a hole somewhere in the programming which converts edits done in the score to the individual parts when the parts are closed. When reopening a part after a time being closed (at least one save-out), hairpins from the entire piece do not show up in the part. However, adding hairpins in the part are added to the score in addition to the ones that are already there.

If this process is repeated, the snowball can result in events large enough as an incorrect number of measures or incorrect time signatures in the part. As this point, the project is unusable and probably unsavable, and the only way to get out of it is the copy out anything written before this and to manually renotate everything else. Again, if parts stay open the entire project, everything works as intended.

In general, the parts are a very helpful and easy-to-use system. One of the things that I found most helpful for focusing was this ability to open and close tabs at will, in particular when I need to send out a PDF of one movement or need to go back to make changes after first rehearsals. I hope this helps to get to a point of resolving the issue.

Many thanks!

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