Triplets and multiple voices

• May 28, 2023 - 23:20

Our choir master has chosen for us to sing "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" - beautiful music but what a horrible score to follow for this mere chorister without formal music education.

The accompaniment is full of triplets, fine - but! Right in the first bar on the bass acc. on the 2nd and 3rd beat the first voice is in triplets. Now try to enter voice 2, Musescore won't let you. Is this a bug?

Before entering the triplets in voice 1,
enter just a placeholder note (a rest won't let you do the next step),
set up voice 2,
now set up the triplets in voice 1,
finish with voice 2

Now I feel there is an aesthetics problem: with all these triplets the score looks to me quite messy. I gather from the score we've been given that these triplets can be just implied without specifically being notated. How can this be achieved in Musescore? I've seen another score on using 9/8 timing; trade-off, lots of dotted notes instead, not much cleaner. Is this the only way to "tidy up"?


You can make all the triplet markings (bracket, number) invisible by right-clicking on a 3, choosing Select >Similar and pressing V to make them invisible. Then re-instate visibility in the first measure. If you feel the need you can write "sim." in the second measure to indicate continuing in a similar manner but I think most singers will get the idea.

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