Transposing instruments and "Default" for transposed signatures

• May 28, 2023 - 21:33

I have E-flat instrument parts (E-flat clarinet and alto clarineet) with "Default" selected for "Prefer sharps or flats for transposed signatures." However, MuseScore is still printing the D-major sections (key signature two sharps) in Cb major (not B major) in the transposed score and parts. Thoughts on how to fix this issue?


I'm not seeing that on page 73, or at the beginning if I change the key to D at the beginning. Can you be more specific about how to reproduce the issue?

FWIW. I transposed the piece to DMajor. All the parts transposed correctly.

Is this from a download or a PDF? When I set the parts to MuseSounds, completely different music plays. This might be a a cause of your problem. Never seen this before.

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