notes won't pedal on piano (+ intonation problems on violin (+ intermittent crashes on ms))

• May 28, 2023 - 08:32

i've been writing this duet for piano and violin for a while now, and i've realised that muse sounds won't do some things exactly as they've been written. it's been driving me absolutely insane this whole time, and so i've decided to post on the forum to get some answers.

issue 1: in the file presented below, some notes on the piano accompaniment won't pedal (see b. 223-233). this has not been an issue until quite recently, and i'm stumped as to why it won't work. i've tried rewriting the section or cut bits out and returned them, but nothing works. i've been assuming it was the fast octave tremolos, but every time i rewrite the first five bars from the ground up the bars afterwards don't pedal, and vice versa.
issue 2: the violin has some intonation problems, and has a tendency to play glissando on some notes (see b. 29-36). this is not the effect i wanted, and it only happens on this particular section in the music (which is in Ab major). the theme returns later on in B major, and this glissing problem doesn't show up.
issue 3: more to ms4 in general: whenever i type some keywords quickly on the palette, the app crashes and has to restart. some triggers of this that i remember: 'ped', 'oct', 'treb', 'bas', etc. etc.

i hope someone can help me out on this. thanks!

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