Problems "Mu4 #1

• May 24, 2023 - 23:04

Chromebook/linux. I5 8gig. mouse imput
Trying once again to use MU 4. Am running from terminal. If I try to install to app tray, it wipes put MU 3, icon on tray, and I am still only able to use that version, acceptably. Program opens and starts. I opened new score and set up the score. Looks very good, reason I 'really' want to work in MU4. (Skip for now the fonts in the top menu are very tiny and hard to use) Saved my empty score and started to work on notes. Entered one note, which I wanted to add trill. Problem starts! Went to pallettes, on left of score window, and clicked on articulations. (Fonts are all very readable) Menu drops....blank, except for some lines forming cubes. If I hover the mouse over some of the boxes, I can see what is in that box. Not an effective way to work.(could not find trill sign) I wanted to add grace note to the next note I was entering, so I added the grace note menu to the pallettes. When I opened that menu I could see what was in the boxes....though text was very light, but since I can not see any of the other text, maybe this is normal.
So here is problem#1. Worked for an hour and was only able to get 3 tied notes entered, and discovered 3 or 4 more problems. Can anyone help! I really want to give MU4 a chance.
I have tried to send score before without much luck. My end said I added something, but your end received nothing. Since this is note something with the score, I really do not see how it would help.


MuseScore 4 does not interfere with MuseScore 3 in any way. Installating it in the supported way (via the AppImage and its "install" option) does not remove msueScore 3 nor does it remove the iicon from the system tray. Not sure what you've done exactly, but at this point, best to uninstall both, then reinstall both normally using the supported method.

To uninstall, run:

mscore-portable remove
mscore4portable remove

To reinstall, run:

./name-of-musescore3-appimage install
./name-of-musescore4-appimage install

after downloading the two AppImage files and doing the usual "chmod +x" on them to make them executable

The font size in the menus is determined by your OS scaling options, and on some systems this isn't handled handled as automatically oias it could be. That was a very common problem in MuseScore 3 buyt luckily is much more rare in MuseScore, basically only a handful of Chromebook systems see it. This can be solved by setting the environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR to some value that accurately reflects the scaling you need, eg, probably something like 1.5. How to set an environment variable effectively for MuseScore depends on your you've set up your Linux system.

Not sure about the palette problem - I've never heard of anything like that. Could be it fixes itself when you uninstall both 3 & 4 then reinstall, but if not, please attach a screenshot after the uninstall/reinstall.

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