Adding multiple linked tempo markings to existing score

• May 24, 2023 - 14:43

After creating a blank, multi-staff score (or opening an existing, non-template multi-staff score), is there a way to have a second tempo marking appear on a different staff like in the Orchestral templates (in their cases, right above the strings)?

The handbook mentions a way to add a second tempo marking, but doesn't say how to link them so that any change to one affects the other(s).


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What part of the program or file does that? I compared both the score_style.mss and default .mscx files for the Classical Orchestra (which has the linked tempos) and Big Band (which doesn't) templates, and I don't see any mention of a second, linked tempo marking in the former. I'm really confused as to how this feature is implemented, and yet can't be replicated after the new score wizard.

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How do you get rid of it if it's no longer needed? I made a string orchestra score by starting with a full orchestra and removing everything except the string section, but now there are two tempo markings at the top. And is it really linked to the staff? There was originally one above the flute and one above the 1st violins, but if removing the flute didn't get rid of it, it must be linked to the system. Or maybe the top one is linked to the system and the second one is linked to the 1st violin staff?

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Hmm, seems it got added in top of the strings section, to the "Violins 1", if you delete (and re-add) that instrument, that tempo text is gone.

Responsible is this snippet in the mscx files:

      <Instance staffId="9" barNumbers="false"/>

Seems there's no UI to set/unset this, at least so far I haven't found any

It is indeed hand-written in the template file for now, and a UI should be coming in a future update (likely 4.2). Meanwhle, you can start with the orchestra template then smile add/remove/replace instruments as needed. The choral templates with accompaniment also do this so they could also make a good starting point. Or hand-edit your own template if you're up for that.

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No UI has been developed yet. But as mentioned, this feature already exists when using the supplied templates. You could also hand-edit the MSCX file within the MSCZ archive to add this to an existing score, using a score generated from a template as a model. See above for the relevant code to add.

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