Parts not Matching Score

• May 22, 2023 - 15:24

Same concerto as my most recent post, I just changed the 1/2 passages to 2/4, and it isn't fixing in the parts. Other times I've noticed like this are when I changed "Allegro" to "Tempo I". Then I just closed and re-opened all the parts. Now that is not working.


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We continue to get sporadic reports of this, but it's still the case that in order for anyone to investigate, we need precise steps to reproduce the problem - starting from a score that isn't already affected.

Meanwhile, the simplest fix for affected parts is to go to the Parts dialog and do a reset from their "..." menus.

My guitar part when seperated out is showing an octave below the score. I move the part to the correct octave and then it moves the score up an octave. I think this is only part giving me problems. Separating out the parts is different in the newest version- albeit easier but closing and then reopening I am not sure "resetting"? Thanks

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