Chromebook and Muse Hub

• May 22, 2023 - 14:30

Is it possible to install Muse Hub on a Chromebook?
I'll tried Muse Hub on a Windows and it's so easy to use, I'm a fan.
But I only own a Chromebook and I can't install it.
Can you help me?


Do you literally mean Muse Hub, or are you really talking about MuseScore? Both can be installed on Intel-based Chromebooks; see

For ARM-based Chromebooks, you can't install Muse Hub, but I think you might be confused, that's not a program you use for anything but installing MuseScore. It's MuseScore that you create music with. And there is an ARM build you can access via the link in the description of that video.

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What kind of noise? If it’s a kind of stuttering, try increasing the buffer size in Edit / Preferences / I/O, or changing the sample rate of your audio device. I don’t know that ChromeOS provides a direct control for that, but there are Linux command that can be used if necesssary.

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