Tiny Font on Tool Bars

• May 18, 2023 - 00:58

MuseScore 3 Suddenly my tool bar font is so tiny it can't be read. How do I restore the default text size? (I didn't change anything! I swear!)


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Didn't change anything. Just one of those Windows and MuseScore things where things you don't normally do ANYTHING with change themselves and then you're stuck with an ODD question trying to unscrew the situation. I just moved to MuseScore 4 and decided to just leave 3.0 behind.

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If you didn't change anything yourself, then probably it was an automatic graphics driver update in your OS (or an automatic update in the OS itself). MU3 was indeed very sensitive to settings for OS and scaling and how this is handled by your OS and graphics driver, so any changes "under the hood" where you can see them could have this kind of effect. MU4 is less susceptible to this. Either way, there are workarounds, but indeed, this is as good a reason as any to just use MU4 going forward.

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