Midi from DAW to MuseScore for Notation

• May 17, 2023 - 21:14

I use Reaper as my DAW. I'd like to take a recorded project that has a variety of Midi/VST instruments/tracks (piano, bass, horns, strings, etc.) and bring that into MuseScore to create notation of the overall score as well as the individual parts. Is this possible? If it is, it will certainly be faster than step entering every note for every part/instrument with my midi keyboard. Thanks is advance for any help anyone can give me.


It's possible indeed, just export from Reaper to MIDI then open the resulting file directly in MuseScore.

But, don't be surprised if your assumptions that it will be faster then re-entering the music normally. MIDI was never designed for music notation and lacks a ton of the info that would be needed to create readable sheet music. So you'll end up needing pretty advanced editing skills to fix things up, compared to the simple basic note input skills that would be sufficient to enter the music normally. It doesn't hurt to try, of course, but if you find yourself struggling, know that the limitations of MIDI do make this more or less inevitable.

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Thanks Marc. I'm a professional session drummer by trade. I'm trying to put together an annual event to help support music in the schools. The arts are always the first to see their funding cut. So I'm putting together "An Evening of Bacharach" to both raise money to support the kids and to involve some of the more advanced students in the concert itself. Anyway, I need to transcribe 27 Bacharach tunes. I got a quote from a local arranger for $2,000-$4,000 per tune. Needless to say, I need to find another solution. That's where MuseScore comes in. Thanks again for your thoughts and wish me luck!

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1 other question:

When entering the piano parts (chords) using a midi keyboard, can I select a location and note duration and then just play all of the notes of the chord on the keyboard? Or, do I have to enter each note of the chord one at a time?

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